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Madness Volume 1 - By Daniel Madison - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Madness Trailer 01 from Daniel Madison



Madness is a PDF e-book that is accompanied by a film that displays and teaches the same material alongside...

The Madness Book teaches the techniques in precise detail whilst the film offers visual support for those who find it hard to learn from the book alone...

This is volume one.  You'll find some easy moves in here; you'll also find some harder moves...  Madness started off as just a book, but flourishes such as 11:14 and Alpha Dog - in my opinion - do need that visual aid, and not wanting to frustrate you through your learning flourishes by images and words alone, I developed Madness the film to offer the smoothest learning experience and as an expressive platform to show exactly how these moves look and to show that these moves are very easy to achieve.



A flourish that includes a series of thumb-tornados (Order retained in the top 3rd of the deck)

11:14 was inspired by the Tornado Cut by Ashford Kneitel and Molecule 4 by Dan and Dave

In the beginning I gave the Thumb Tornado it's own ground as an individual flourish but settled on teaching it as part of a full highly visual flourish.  The Thumb Tornado can be followed by many existing flourishes as well as a standard Tornado...


The Replacements

A follow-up to any sandwich effect which sees the sandwich cards change from Aces to Kings and then back again (without the deck in hand)

The Replacements began as the starting point for Cameo 3; which was scrapped as it was way too knacky, but the intro to it was worth the keep.  It's not an outstanding crowd fooler but it has baffled many magicians...



A shoot-out move that silently launches the bottom card spinning from the deck

Silencer was a reply to my own problem with the sounds made by most shoot-out moves...  I wanted to match Greg Wilson's Boomerang shoot-out, in both sound and height but without making it obvious how the card was being thrown from the deck.  Silencer offers just that, the height you can get with this is amazing...



A three-way flourish that sees a packet balanced on the back of two fingers and ends with a shoot-out of a spectators' selected playing card

Inspired by De'vo's Cobra Cut, Falling offers not only a very visual balancing packet amid a smooth and non-stop flourish but it also offers a shoot-out of a selected and controlled playing card...


Downfall 2

A improvement on Downfall from Dangerous... with more visuals and much easier to achieve (Order fully retained)

Downfall2 is a collaboration of Downfall and Turnover from Dangerous which makes Downfall not only easier to achieve, but little more visual too...



A modern take on the classic transposition; Transpone sees two cards switch places in the cleanest way possible without the deck in play.

Transpone was filmed for Dangerous at ‘The Party' but didn't make the final.  Transpone is merely the standard transposition effect.  However, it takes away a very important element so that the performer is seen to be holding nothing more than two cards... the deck.



A highly visual and difficult flourish that sees a card flip out from the deck to land on the performers forearm where it is flicked back down the arm to land on the deck.


This is an idea I came up with whilst learning In-Flight at the T11 HQ early 2008.  The card landed on my arm by accident so I flicked it back to the deck unaware of my spectators who were amazed, I didn't want to play it off as a fluke so I worked on developing this as a flourish.  When you get used to the move, try it with In-Flight...


Alpha dog

A power-flourish...  A highly visual flourish that includes a new conceptual application that sees a packet swing cut into a rotation that goes the entire way around the hand

When I get an idea for a new flourish I have to keep trying until it's fully achieved.  When I got the idea for the deck rotating around the back of the thumb I knew I'd need a few hours and so put on a DVD, and by the end of the film I not only had a perfect flourish but a perfect name for it too...


Madness the Book

19 pages | 113 images | 8 Moves | Fully printable

PDF E-Book (A4 Printer Friendly) Instant Download


Madness the Video

Running time: 22:22 | Format: WMV (Windows Media File)

 | 2-angles (above and head-on)


Madness will download as a .zip file

File Size: 79MB | Download Time - 10 minutes (Standard 8mb Broadband Connection)

Electronic Delivery / Instant E-mail (worldwide) - Difficulty 5/10



"...I feel I'm repeating myself each time I come to review one of Daniel's products. A few words frequent my writing and I'm not afraid to use them again: This is Daniel's best yet! I think the addition of the movie to the pdf is a great idea, some of the flourishes are pretty complex, i.e. Alpha-dog, and the visual aid really helps the learning curve. Alpha dog is a great 'power flourish' as D calls it - Visually it reminded me of mayhem, you can catch it on the trailer. It's HOT. As per usual, Daniel's littered the book/movie combo with plenty of interesting new concepts, app's, flourishes and some magic in there too - The replacements for instance; the replacements is a sandwich effect...ok, so what's new? The big appeal here is that first the selection is thrown at the deck and visually 2 face up aces appear surrounding it, then when the 3 cards are removed and turned face down for a second, the aces become kings... Then they become aces again...This looks phenomenal and is so easy to do. I'll be introducing it to my table routine VERY soon. Not to go into too much detail, but this is well worth the £15. Every penny. For anyone who has all Daniel's previous releases, this is ALL new stuff. Anyone on the edge of picking up Dangerous, this is a great place to start if you're unsure. There's something in here for everyone, get this now or I'll have Lola bring the whip out..."

Dee Christopher