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Identity (With Gimmicks) by Richard Sanders

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Approach anyone complete stanger and have a card selected, marked and then shuffed fully into the deck of cards. Next, you simply make a series of random marks on the back of any indifferent playing card. Those marks VISIBLY JUMP from card to card, finally VANISHING COMPLETELY. The cards are slowly spread to show the marks on the back of one card... it's the spectator’s signed selection.


ANOTHER impossible kicker... you offer the card to the spectator to keep. but to make it unique for them... you just give the card a shake... THE MARKS ON THE BACK OF THE CARD MAGICALLY AND VISUALLY FUSE INTO THE SPECTATOR'S VERY OWN NAME!

It's true, the marks VISUALLY REFORM without cover whatsoever ... right into the name of the spectator that you just met!

NO SWITCH... the playing card is immediately given to the spectator to keep.  Completely examinable!



  • No previous knowledge of the spectator is necessary
  • You can perform this for anyone
  • Identity Instantly resets
  • Identity is completely examinable
  • you get the ultimate give away
  • Includes Bonus material, sleights and handlings included

Over 2 hours of no holds barred, FULL TILT DVD training:

  • Indentity Extended: A full on, multi-phased effect.
  • Identity Condensed: A practical short and sweet, go straight for the jugular!
  • Identity Maxed Out: This is a take no prisoners, maxed out version of the effect. This will fry magicians!
  • Plus: A special surprise addition, sleight of hand workshops, bonus moves, psychology, handlings tips and more.

Note: a basic to intermediate level of card handling skill is recommended for this effect, however all sleights used in this effect are well taught on the DVD.

Package includes:

  • Gimmicked Bicycle card
  • Full training DVD that will guide you through every step of this effect, including method, performance, variations, handling tips and all the subtleties that make this effect so devastating!