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Greatest Beginner Magic DVD Ever - By Oz Pealman

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Of all the hobbies on the planet, Magic has to be the best . A magician always has something up his sleeve (to coin a phrase) to share with the people he meets . He will always have something fascinating. He will always have something fun. He will always have something to give.

Getting started in magic, like many hobbies, can be very hard or even intimidating. Magic shops contain thousands of tricks but, its important that you begin in the right place.

This DVD is the perfect place to start. From surveying thousands of professional high caliber tricks, just the best tricks for a beginner have been used. These are the professional tricks magicians have respected and loved, but they're easy enough a new magician can master them.

Ultimate Pick a Card - The spectator's card JUMPS, visually, from within the center of the deck!

Ghost Match - A true classic. Mysteriously a match dissapears, only to reappear inside the matchbook in the spectators hands... attached! One of the best bar/restaurant tricks on the planet.

French Drop - At any time, borrow a coin, make it vanish magically, and then produce it from behind a spectators ear. A true timeless classic.

One Coin Routine - An incredible impromptu one coin miracle that will have you feeling like a true pro. Borrow a coin, and your ready to perform miracles!

The Great Shoelace Escape - Another close up magic miracle, and one of the best ! One of the greatest escapes you can do close up.  

Force and Reveal - One of the most usefull tools in a magicians aresenal, enabling you to perform limitless miracles !

Best Friend Prediction - Reveal personal information - a friends name - who they will marry - even their date of birth ! Truly personal hard hitting magic. 

Magician's Choice - A technique unlike any other. This technique alone can be applied to almost any situation or scenario. Always appears fair, yet the magician always gets his own way !

Linking Paper Clips - This is one of those tricks that you will love performing, and then showing your friends how it is done, without giving away any of your real magicians secrets ! This one just appears work by itself - like real magic !

Jumping Rubber Band - An impromptu rubber band effect, where a rubber band visually jumps and penetrates two fingers. All you need is a standard rubber band, you supply your own hand!

Coin to Napkin - Borrow a coin - make it vanish - produce it from somewhere that has been view from the very begining !

Salt Shaker Thru Table - This is a sure fire winner ! Many pros still use this age old classic today at every chance they can get. Not only is this a visual materpiece - but also teaches you the power of misdirection !

You require no previous knowledge of magic, only a desire to learn and a desire to perform are required. 

We're excited to be a part of your introduction to magic. Lets get started.