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FREE shipping for orders over £40

George the Great - Mobile Phone Magic - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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George in Action

Imagine having your own personal magician on your mobile phone, a magician that will not only perform Magic, but will entertain anyone who watches him perform. His name is George.

George has produced an amazing response to everyone we have shown him to, Its one of our most requested mobile phone effects!

Just because he performs on your Mobile phone is doesn’t mean that’s where he stays. With the presentations that are included, you will give George a heart full of humour making both George and yourself unforgettable.

Put George in your mobile today and let the magic begin.

George currently performs 2 Mobile Shows and is currently filming more.

Who is George and what does he do?

You start off by explaining that this trick will not be performed by yourself, but by your magician friend called George. Who is an artist and will paint your card.

Call out his name (George) your audience will start looking around for George

You next get out your mobile phone. (they think you are going to phone him) but instead you introduce George on your mobile. (use your Free wallpaper picture as a introduction)

"Would you please give a warm welcome to George"

George has been trained by the famous painter Lowry and as you can see he even looks like one of Lowry’s subjects.

(Next load up your George animation)

As you are loading George explain that today George will paint your chosen card.

Once loaded and the animation has started ask for some quiet as George needs to concentrate on his painting. Always talk to George giving him the encouragement he needs to paint the chosen card.

(George will start painting the WRONG card!)
At this point ask your audience not to reveal the card they have chosen until he has finished painting.

Once George has finished painting he will smile and say "George is very pleased with his painting, but has he painted your chosen card."
They will say "no".

Suddenly George who was just so happy turns very very Sad. Keep giving George encouragement and explain to George that you cant get it right all the time Etc,etc

Next George has a fantastic idea and his arm starts to ..................................................... Purchase George and find out!


George the Great Part 1 & 2 comes to you in a Gif animation format which is supported by most modern Mobile Phones.



A Mobile Phone which can play Gif Animations.
For each file 70kb of free Space (0.07 MB)
Each animation are 240 x 240 pixels in size
A Suitable PC File Manager (standard mobile phone software should fine) to tranfers the files from your PC onto your Mobile Phone
These Animation will be sent to you via instant download. Not all modern mobile phones will be able to adhere to the above conditions. If you not sure please contact your phones manufacture who will be able to help you. It has been tested on some Nokia, Sony Erriscon, Samsung Phones all Phones tested were able to receive files in this way. BUT If you not sure please contact your phones manufacture who will be able to help you. Also other mobile phone file managers are available on the internet which can do more than your normal manufacture file manager.