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Fortune - By Paul Valentine - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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Fortune is a great piece of prediction perfection. Fortune Cookies are supposed to tell the future, that is their job. Now you can use a fortune cookie to predict a spectator's selected card, thus proving the Fortune Cookie's authenticity as a strange and mysterious thing!!

The Effect

The performer presents the spectator with a number of Fortune Cookies & asks them to select anyone they like, they can also sign and date the cookie packaging if they like. The spectator is then given a deck of cards to check they are all different & mixed. Once this is done, he or she is then asked to generate a random number by rolling 2 Dice.

A number is rolled & the Spectator is asked to count down that many cards from the deck to a randomly selected card. The Performer asks the Spectator to open the Fortune Cookie & encourages them to read aloud the paper fortune inside, they turn over their selected card & it is found that both the paper fortune & card are a perfect match, leaving the spectator thinking is it fate or just a coincidence?!

- No Gimmicks

- No Switching

- Dice are ungimmicked

- Numerous Handlings & Possibilities

- Perfect For Beginners, Magicians & Mentalists

- Spectator Handles Everything

- Can Be Performed With A Borrowed Deck Of Cards

- Contributions From The Creative Mind Of ‘Rus Andrews’

15 page PDF download with additional PDF Template and Video Tuition Links