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Confidence For Magicians - INSTANT DOWNLOAD


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A LOT of magicians struggle to gain the confidence needed to perform their magic as well as they would like. Despite magic being a performance art, it's very common for performers to experience 'stage fright' or nervousness before performing to the public.


In this Confidence for Magicians, Dominic Reyes teaches you many of the methods he uses to help magic students overcome nervousness and gain confidence as a magician.  The ebook is loaded with techniques and practical tips used by performers worldwide to increase their confidence performing for the public.

You will learn:

  • Why so many magicians suffer from nervousness.
  • The reason you go to pieces when you perform even a well practiced trick.
  • How to remove feelings of stage fright and panic.
  • The REAL SECRET to confidence as a magician.

In Confidence for Magicians you will be taught how to quickly defeat nervousness. It’s powerful 'tried and tested' techniques that WORK, But you will also find out the REAL SECRET at the end of the book..