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Ben Williams Download Bundle - Instant Download


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Labelled and Relabelled Download

Labelled and Relabelled - Ben's best selling street magic effect. Take a soda bottle and write something on the label. Shake the bottle and the label visually penetrates the bottle ending up inside! The bottle is STILL sealed and can be completely examined, even given away as a gift! This effect has sparked interest from some huge names in magic from David Blaine to Dynamo. Just Ben's method for retaining the seal on a soda bottle lid is worth every penny, you can then utilise that method with other object inside bottle effects.

Any Word Download

Any Word - Literally ANY word a spectator can think of can be predicted in a clean, impossible fashion and the best thing is that Any Word requires NO SKILL what so ever to perform. The spectator at the end of the routine really feels as though you had influenced them to think of the word that is predicted.

The Anywhere Principle Download

The Anywhere Principle - The Anywhere Principle is a method of providing proof that an object that is vanished is the exact same object found in an impossible location. If you want to perform magic like Dynamo and Troy with everyday items then the Anywhere Principle is for you. Perform with everyday objects with extraordinary results. What if you could take a drinks label, mark it so it is unique and then cause that label to vanish and reappear somewhere completely impossible and have the spectator 100% verify that it is the SAME drinks label! This is all possible with no stooges or assistants with The Anywhere Principle.

TEAR-able Sessions Video Download

TEARable Sessions Video Download - For the first time on video download comes the TEAR-able Sessions. Used in many professional magician's sets The TEAR-able Sessions are three amazing tricks with the torn corner of a playing card. Have a corner of a signed playing card vanish from BEWEEN THE SPECTATOR'S HANDS and appear somewhere impossible like through a window, in a bottle, in a sealed plastic bag in your shoe, literally anywhere you can think of!(Please note, the link provided goes to the product page of the written PDF download, you will receive a video download version)

Repertoire Download

Repertoire Vol 1 - This is the first installment of Ben Williams repertoire series. Repertoire is exactly what it sounds like, his working repertoire. These are the effects that he uses all the time, they are practical and have a great impact on the spectators. With 12 effects spanning over 33 pages with images to aid the learning process Repertoire really is a bargain! Heartless alone caught the imagination of some great names in magic - including Joshua Jay who lectured it around the world!

Repertoire Vol 2 Download

Repertoire Vol 2 - This is the second installment of Ben's Repertoire project. Detailing another 11 card effects that are all simple to execute, some of these routines have literally been Ben's bread and butter! From his card to pocket sequence in PoPoMoWa to his hilarious On Back where a signed card is left stuck on a spectator's back there is a little something for everyone.

OCL Download

OCL Video Download - OCL is Ben's revolutionary linking card project. Filmed expertly by Full 52 OCL is the WORLD'S ONLY linking card routine that starts with one card that is torn into two rings, each ring is signed by the spectator and then those rings are linked together permanently and can be examined by the spectator. Again, with many rave reviews from big names in the magic community this is one of Ben's proudest releases.

Liquid Money

Liquid Money Video Download - Liquid Money are three presentations of impromptu pen through banknote effects. A simple, direct, easy handling of the pen thru note effect that is 100% impromptu! This is the perfect effect for a bar or club, walk-around or if you just wanted to freak out a cashier in a shop!