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The Invisible Hand - Complete Set

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The Invisible Hand is the new name we give to an old device originally known as Hold Out. You can do wonders in your magic act with this device. You can vanish different objects, change colours, sizes or shapes, cut and restore a rope, etc.; standing in front of the audience with your hands away from your body and away from the table. You can show your hands before and after the effect. You can do magic with balls, eggs, cards coins, silks, bills, watches, pens, etc...

Perfect for both Close Up or Stage.

This complete set expands the use of this outstanding device. With this complete set, the possibilities are endless!

Additional Attachments & Accessories included in this kit are:

  • Ball Holder
  • Squeaker Gimmick
  • Universal Pull
  • Dye Tube Gimmick
  • Bill in Pen Gimmick
  • Flash Light
  • Utility Pull Gimmick
  • Dual Control Gimmick
  • Magnet Gimmick
  • Clip Gimmick
  • Vanishing Ring Gimmick