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The Complete Mastering Sleight of Hand DVD Course

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You can do a decent double lift... You've practised your Elmsley count... So... what's next? 

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The Complete Mastering Sleight of Hand DVD Course is a structured collection of material for magicians that have learnt the very basics of card magic and now want to focus on developing from a beginner at sleight of hand, to someone that can fool anyone with a deck of cards. The huge collection of material brings together a focused practice program:


The Master Pushoff (2x DVD Set) - RRP £25
The Master Pushoff isn't just a move; it's an entire technique that will revolutionize your card magic. This one technique allows you to execute a perfect double turnover (with no breaks or get readies), an elegant second deal, double deals, palms, switches, third deals and so much more ... it can even be used for sixth and seventh dealing!

Sleight of Hand Course

The False Deals Project (2x DVD Set) - RRP £25
Across two jam-packed DVDs featuring over four hours of material, George McBride will teach you the Second Deal, the Bottom Deal, the Double Deal and the fabled Centre Deal. These immense sleights represent the pinnacle of playing card chicanery. Master these moves and you will be a true legend of legerdemain. With tuition on 18 different techniques and a jaw-dropping collection of 24 incredible routines, this is an absolute masterclass in advanced card handling.


Card Magic False Deals Course


The Cullfather DVD - RRP £25
Learn to cull! 13 in-depth lessons. Beginner to Expert. An hour's worth of tutorials that will show you every facet of this incredible move (Taught by acclaimed Uk magician Iain Moran). And you can use CULLING to switch cards. force cards. control cards. setup tricks. as an out. and HUNDREDS of other applications!

The Skip Switch Project DVD - RRP £20
Skip Switch is a true utility move. A selection is cleanly sandwiched between two cards and LEFT OUTJOGGED from the centre of the deck. In full view the three-card packet is removed from the deck and in that split second, the selection has been swapped for another card! Once you have learnt the diabolical secret you can perform the Skip Switch anytime, anywhere and with any deck. No gaffs, no insane finger flicking difficulty.

Switch Card magic techniques

This beautiful sleight by Jack Tighe is truly a thing of wonder. A card is freely selected from a dribble of cards, with your head turned away. No force. No timing stop. Yet you ALWAYS know which card they selected. Totally invisible. Easy to do with Jack's clear tuition! Learn this brilliant move instantly while you wait for your mega bundle of DVDs to arrive!